Where style and functionality is represented by seventeen marbles, perfect for floor tiles. A classic element comes back with a contemporary elegance, representing the majesty of a splendorous past and the avant-garde of a coming future. 

Marble is the perfect option to create a fresh and light atmosphere which will be intensified when combined with white colour. This versatile material is able to create several combinations that can be adapted to any taste, in order to achieve an original, personal and unique style.

Technical Details 

Spanish Glazed Porcelain 

In Stock

Fuste Perla and Mara Cemento

in 600x600

Indent Order (8-10 weeks)

Matt and Rock in

150x1200, 200x1200 and 600x1200

Acro Beige

Acro Salmon

Siro Crema

Dafine Miel

Vero Crema

Sifo Blanco

Elba Humo

Medea Gris

Paros Grafito

Mara Cemento

Fuste Perla

Fuste Natural

Unsu Nuez

Auriel Natural

Ariadna Natural

Melte Natural

Dedalo Cenzina

Medea Gris

Radne Natural


Semele Blanco

Icaro Beige